Executive Committee

The sections executive committee meets once a month. Following are the executive committee officers and members:

Ms. Kim, Daemie M    Chairperson
Ms. Burrows, Michelle R    Chair-Elect
Ms. Van Dusen, Norah E    Past Chair
Mr. Aldworth, Scott J    Treasurer
Ms. Damazo, Stacie L    Secretary
Ms. Wadia, Yazmin     Member
Ms. Morgan, Shaunee V    Member
Ms. Scott, Carla     Member
Ms. Burrows, Lindsey     Member
Mr. Jeter, Michael     Member
Ms. Curtis, Nicole M    Member
Mr. Beers, Keiler T    Member
Ms. Moisan, Jane L    Member
Walsh, Kateri     Bar Liaison
Mr. Marandas, John J    BOG Contact
Mr. Bruggemeier, Franz H    Member