The section publishes the Oregon Civil Rights Newsletter three or four times a year. Articles are written by section members and, on occasion, by other OSB members. Have you recently written a memo or an opinion letter that could easily be revised into an article? Have you been looking for an excuse to do a little research on a topic that would also be of interest to our readers? If you have an idea for an article or you would be interested in writing an article, please contact the newsletter editor, Megan Lemire, at [email protected].

Here is a sampling of our newsletters:

October 2007 (pdf: 8pg/215KB)

February 2008 (pdf: 8pg/227KB)

June 2008 (pdf: 8pg/188KB)

July 2008 (pdf: 12pg/238KB)

December 2008 (pdf: 10pg/214KB)

March 2009 (pdf: 10pg/260KB)

August 2009 (pdf: 10pg/174KB)

December 2009 (pdf: 10pg/175KB)

March 2010 (pdf: 8pg/167KB)

April 2010 (pdf: 8pg/165KB)

May 2010 (pdf: 8pg/167KB)

August 2010 (pdf: 8pg/180KB)

March 2011 (pdf: 8pg/180KB)

August 2011 (pdf: 8pg/180KB)

December 2011 (pdf: 12pg/293KB)

March 2012 (pdf: 8pg/290KB)

June 2012 (pdf: 8pg/303KB)

September 2016 (pdf: 366KB)

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