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Internet Resources for Oregon Lawyers
This list, maintained by the Oregon State Bar, includes links to Oregon statutes, administrative rules, and court opinions; the Oregon courts; Oregon legislative materials; federal statutes, regulations, and court opinions; Oregon and federal agencies; libraries; maps; and many other sources of news and information.

This site offers links to state and federal statutes and court opinions and to many other materials.

Willamette Law Online
At this site, you can sign up to receive regular summaries by e-mail of decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Oregon Supreme Court, and Oregon Court of Appeals. The summaries are offered at no charge.

Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Oregon Department of Justice

Oregon Judicial Department
The site is updated weekly with the opinions of the Oregon
Supreme Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, and Oregon Tax Court.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

U.S. Department of Labor